If you are thinking of taking up Touch Football as a new hobbie, but you aren’t 100% sure yet, here are some of the benefits of playing this sport.

It’s Inclusive

Touch Football is a game that can be player by anyone. No matter whether you are old or young, a girl or a boy, a professional athlete or suffer from a disability, Touch Football caters for everyone. It is one of the most played sports in world, so your suburb, city or town is bound to have a team you can join.

Great Social Atmosphere

This sport allows you to get involved with new people, make new friends, or spend the time playing together with your family. Whether you are playing in a competition, in a more relaxed environment, or just in the backyard on the weekend, everyone can get involved and have some fun.

Perfect for The Whole Family

Due to it’s inclusive, social nature, Touch Football is the ideal sport for the whole family. Parents can play with their children, and grandparents can play with their grandchildren. For the most part, Touch Football isn’t a seriously competitive sport. It’s there so you can have dome fun and spend time with the family.

Fitness and Health Benefits

Aside from the mental health benefits Touch Football can have on people, it is also the perfect way of staying fit and healthy. When you play Touch Football, you are constantly either jumping, running, jogging or walking. The nature of the game ensures all players are constantly getting a workout, even though it probably won’t feel like it!

Fits in With Your Busy Schedule

A full game of touch football generally takes 45 minutes from start to finish. Each half is just 20 minutes long, usually with a 5-minute break at half-time. If you are a busy person but need a way of meeting new people and staying fit and healthy, we strongly recommend you give Touch Football a try.

Do you plan Touch Football for your local team, or socially with your friends and family in the backyard or park? Let us know in the comments section below why you love Touch Football.

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