This page is intended to provide information, instruction and recommendations on preparing your team or organizations order. It is important be familiar with our ordering process and the steps to efficiently get your order ready for production. This will helps us meet your quality and delivery expectations.


Towaysportswear Hockey recognizes that coaches and club administrators are typically volunteers who donate their valuable free time to keep sports programs running.
We have developed our complete design, ordering, and delivery process to minimize the time, effort, and frustration normally experienced by clubs when they
order uniforms for their teams. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. It is also important to help our customers understand what it takes for us to produce
their custom uniform order and deliver them on time. Like so many things in today’s modern world, we become accustomed to point and click purchases and
items magically appear the next day. Unfortunately producing custom uniforms do not work in this manner. Every order we produce is custom made to order.
There are no pre-made jerseys in stock. That means with each custom order materials need to be cut, dyed, embellished and then sewn together. One of the
most convenient features of our program is, once your first order is complete, it is easy to place reorders. You will get them made exactly the same as your
original order. Your design will never change unless you want it to.

Below we have provide important information that you may need to consider when deciding to begin the order process. This should be considered based 

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